This is a template for the MyRide senior transportation program. It's purpose is to provide a mobile friendly landing site for any MyRide provider along with creating and maintaining a database of users.

 It was developed with the Tennessee program in mind but would work with any volunteer (or fee based) system in the country.

 The subject areas can contain whatever you wish, and in this case I use them to describe the site.


 Individuals interested in becoming a MyRide Driver can signup on this site by creating a username and password along with basic information such as name, phone, email and address.

 Once signed in they can fill out the supplemental information required to be a Driver, at their leisure. The Admin (or Staff member) will be notified of the new signup and contact the Driver for review.

 The login procedure will then be used by the Driver to access the system in the future.

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 New Clients have the same signup/login procedure as Drivers but supplemental information is obviously different.

 If you're interested I suggest signing up as both a Driver and a Client to see the information being gathered. Use fake data, the Admin (me :-) can always delete your record later.

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Database Structure
• Tables

 There are currently six database tables within the MyRide system:

 • The Drivers table contains basic information about each Driver (name, address, phone, and email).

 • The Drivers Supplement table contains additional data about their personal and vehicle licensing, insurance and hours of availability.

 • The Clients table contains basic information about each Client.

 • The Clients Supplement table contains additional data about the Client such as services required and additional contact info.

 • The Staff table contains a basic information record for each Staff member.

 • The Admin table contains a basic information record for each Admin (typically one).

• Logins

 There are four different user login procedures, each requiring a User Name and Password. The Driver and Client logins offer the ability to Sign Up if they are not yet in the system.

 • The Driver login gives each Driver access to procedures relevant to them.

 • The Client login gives each Client access to procedures relevant to them.

 • The Staff login is a subset of the Admin level, allowing maintenance of non-sensitive Driver and Client information along with report functions.

 • The Admin login gives access to everything, update control over all information, along with add and delete control over all Drivers, Clients and Staff.

• Pending

 The next logical table is Rides which will put the entire structure to work...

• Notes

 Driver, Client and Staff information and photos presented on this site are extracted directly from the database.

• Photos & Videos

 MyRide contains photos gathered from around Tennessee, Drivers and Clients contain a photo for each person and Videos are from YouTube.

People MyRide Drivers Drivers Clients Clients Video Videos
• The Map

 This is a powerful mapping application, used throughout the site for location tracking, but this one is for you, the viewer.

 Select your favorite mode, zoom level and location, then click the checkmark when ready. The Map will retain this information, until you change it.


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